Munich to Venice train Cost

September 13, 2022
Venice to Munich by train

München Hauptbahnhof (German for Munich Main station) is the main railway station in the city of Munich, Germany. It is one of the three long distance stations in Munich, the others being München-Pasing and München Ost. München Hauptbahnhof sees about 450, 000 passengers a day, which puts it on par with other large stations in Germany, such as Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. It is one of 21 stations classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 1 station.[1] The mainline station is a terminal station with 32 platforms. The subterranean S-Bahn with 2 platforms and U-Bahn stations with 6 platforms are through stations.

The first Munich station was built about 800 metres to the west in 1839. A station at the current site was opened in 1849 and it has been rebuilt numerous times, including to replace the main station building, which was badly damaged during World War II.

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Frankfurt Card

TGV Assistance
There is an area reserved for you on board every TGV train consisting of: 4 specially adjusted seats a button to call the ticket inspector to help you access to the adapted toilets. This area is situated in first class, but is accessible with a second class ticket.

ICE - DB Bahn Assistance
Passengers with reduced mobility can now order Deutsche Bahn's Mobility Service even more easily. Whoever needs assistance with boarding, alighting or changing trains during their journey - for example a wheelchair platform lift - can do so conveniently with immediate effect on the Internet as well.

The local service staff will be pleased to assist you when boarding, alighting or changing trains. Owing to the short stopping times however, they are unable to accompany you to your seat.

Will be required your coach and seat number on long-distance trains so that we can make sure you receive the assistance you require. On local trains, please indicate where you will be sitting instead of the reservation - e.g. 1st coach/front of train.

You can book your tickets and make reservations for you and, if you wish, also send them to you. You can order those by telephone on +49 (0) 1806/512 512 (calls charged). You can contact us every day from 06:00 to 22:00 (MET).

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