Munich to Venice Distance

September 7, 2022
Rome to Venice by train

A new long-distance cycling route is due to open in 2015, linking the Eastern Alpine region to the Adriatic Sea. Sports and recreational cyclists will appreciate the numerous features of the route which runs just over 560 km from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, through the Dolomites all the way down to the lagoon city of Venice, with an overall altitude differential of approximately 3, 000m. Some of the sections may be also crossed by bus and train. Along the way, there are numerous cycle-friendly facilities and refreshment stations ready to serve sumptuous, local culinary fare and provide cycling maintenance services and information, as well as full accommodation.
Cyclists can also make stops en route to learn about the regions being traversed. The various regions have different adventure themes. For example, Bavaria with its stunning lakes, has ‘water’ its theme while further south in the Inntal Valley near Innsbruck, cyclists will travel through what was once the regional mining center, so the theme is ‘mining’. South Tyrol is the meeting-point between two cultures, two languages and two cuisines. Cyclists will marvel at this special blend of Alpine-Mediterranean culture, which is most evident in its high-level cuisine and unique style of hospitality. Once it has passed through South Tyrol, the cycling route then continues southeast through the Belluno Dolomites towards the fascinating art cities of Treviso and Venice, with their historical Mediterranean heritage.

The Route
As it runs through Bavaria and Tyrol, the Long-Distance Cycling Route from Munich to Venice coincides with the existing Via Bavarica Tyrolensis, merging with the Inntal Valley Cycle Path. Here it passes Innsbruck before continuing through the Tyrolean Wipptal Valley and reaching the Brennero/Brenner Pass. From the Brennero Pass on the border with Italy, the cycling route runs along the Isarco Valley all the way to Fortezza/Franzensfeste, where cyclists can make a worthwhile detour to visit the Franzensfeste Fortress and the historical cultural center of Bressanone/Brixen. The cycling route then leads to the Pusteria Valley, passing Brunico/Bruneck and then Dobiacco/Toblach. From Dobiacco, the route winds further south into the heart of the Dolomites, passing the locality of Cortina d’Ampezzo and the idyllic Cadore Valley before descending onto the plain. Having left the Alps behind, the route enters its final stretch as it crosses the hilly Venetian plains until it arrives in Treviso. From here, there are two ways to reach the lagoon city of Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The first is by road leading to the city of Mestre and then on to Venice by train. Alternatively, by road via the Adriatic town of Jesolo and then by boat from Punta Sabbione, directly to St. Mark’s Square in the center of Venice.

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