Berlin to Munich distance

December 21, 2021
Berlin to Munich route planner

5. Re: Need help with planning from Berlin to Munich

If than a rental car makes only sense for driving from Berlin to Munich. And this only if you want to make some stopovers en route at places not well served by trains. But with your time frame I see no time for such stopovers. And with the stress on German autobahns (high traffic density, high speeds) such a long drive is no big joy.

I thought I can rent at the airport easier for me to load the luggages & drive to hotel? is it not true?

Most convenient would be to hop into one of the waiting taxis at the airport. That's faster and less expensive than a rental car. Locals will often use public transport to cover the bulk of the trip and taxi only from the next close train station to the final destination, if latter is not well connected by public transport.

With a rental car you

- have to find the office/desk of the rental company first

- do all the paperwork

- find the places where the rental cars are parked (not in front of the doors like with public transport or taxis)

- find your rental car there

- check it

- in worst case getting back to the office to sort out problems (damages not listed - you dunno wan't to pay for them at the end - or?)

- find your way to your hotel in a city you don't know and a traffic/sign system new to you

- find the parking garage of the hotel, if it has one

And than in the end you'll have to pay for the parking extra. Which alone can well exceed the price of a mini group day ticket for public transport.

And to use a car for sightseeing in Berlin or Munich is even more inconvenient. To find parking space in the city centres near the sights is no easy task. And again never for free. And when finished with sightseeing you're often quite some distance from your car. At the time you're back at your car you are with public transport already at your hotel.

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