Bavaria train ticket

October 7, 2022
Travel one day with the
Fare The fare is determined by the number of passengers.

1 passenger: 23 euros
2 passengers: 28 euros
3 passengers: 33 euros
4 passengers: 38 euros
5 passengers: 43 euros

Bavaria-Ticket 1st class:
1 passenger: 34.50 euros
2 passengers: 51 euros
3 passengers: 67.50 euros
4 passengers: 84 euros
5 passengers: 100.50 euros

Bavaria-Ticket Night: (Bayern-Ticket Nacht)
1 passenger: 23 euros
2 passengers: 25 euros
3 passengers: 27 euros
4 passengers: 29 euros
5 passengers: 31 euros


Bavaria-Ticket Night 1st class: (Bayern-Ticket Nacht)
1 passenger: 34.50 euros
2 passengers: 48 euros
3 passengers: 61.50 euros
4 passengers: 75 euros
5 passengers: 88.50 euros

Prices apply for tickets purchased at DB ticket machines and online; ticket purchase with personal consultation at all DB sales offices costs just 2 euros more.

Advance sales period: 3 months.
Period of validity: The ticket is valid Monday through Friday for one day of your choice from 9 am until 3 am on the following day or for an entire day on Saturday, Sunday and on Bavaria-wide public holidays as well as on August 15 (Assumption) from midnight until 3 am on the following day.

The Bavaria-Ticket – Night is valid daily from 6 pm until 6 am on the following day, and on Friday and Saturday nights and Bavaria-wide public holidays as well as on August 15 (Assumption) until 7 am.

Products: Valid on all local trains of all rail companies and all transport association services (S-Bahn, subway, trams and buses) and nearly all scheduled bus services in Bavaria. Exceptions include school lines and certain private bus lines – in particular on toll roads and cross-border transports.
Specific train booking: No.
Ticket Valid for 1 day for an unlimited number of journeys.
Class: 2nd class.
1st class.
Discount due to BahnCard/RAILPLUS:
Discount for additional passengers: Up to 4 persons
Discount for children: One person may bring any number of their own children or grandchildren under 15 with them free of charge. One additional passenger may also come along for only 4 euros (Bavaria-Ticket – Night for 2 euros, Bavaria-Ticket 1st class for 16.50 euros). Children up to and including 5 years of age may travel free of charge and without a ticket. For this reason, they are not included when determining the number of persons in a group.
Dogs: Accompanying dogs that do not travel free are considered passengers/adults in calculating the number of passengers travelling.
Exchange/refund: Tickets may only be returned, exchanged or refunded if required in line with passenger rights obligations.
Special conditions: Bavaria-Tickets entitle individual accompanying passengers to join the group at a subsequent station after the number of passengers has been determined and the corresponding Bavaria-Ticket has been purchased. Please note, however, that it is not possible to change passengers once a journey has started.

Used tickets may not be sold or given to third parties. Please write your first and last name legibly and indelibly in the designated field before travel to prevent misuse. If multiple passengers are traveling together, enter the name of the person with the longest route. For online tickets printed at home, the name specified during booking is used. You may be asked to show an ID at ticket inspection.

New: As of June 10, 2012, points for the bahn.bonus program can be earned from Bavaria-Tickets. Each time you purchase a ticket at at DB Reisezentrum locations and DB agencies, or directly on the train, present your BahnCard to receive one bahn.bonus point and one status point per euro spent. Touchscreen machines at stations currently only let you collect bahn.bonus points when you enter the point of departure and destination and then select the Bavaria-Ticket from the options given. Participants in the bahn.bonus program can redeem points for attractive bonuses and special services for frequent travelers. More information on participating in the bahn.bonus program is available at

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