Train tickets to Berlin

October 21, 2022
Train From Poznan To Berlin

Taking the Train from London

The Eurostar departure terminal at St Pancras is conveniently situated on the Northern Line station, Kings Cross St Pancras. Local and regional buses leave the station for points across the city and destinations around London and the suburbs. The Midland Road taxi rank is next to the Eurostar terminals and several night bus routes operate in London.

Getting into Berlin by Train

Berlin is a fascinating and cosmopolitan city, which mixes the old and the new in its compact centre. Communist style buildings sit alongside beautiful palaces along the banks of the River Spree. Visitors can soak up the atmospheric remains of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie and browse the city's collection of world-class galleries and museums, before heading to the beer cellars and bars to sample the lively nightlife. Berlin Hauptbahnhof is a large, modern station within walking distance of the city centre from its location on the River Spree. Regular buses and four S-Bahn lines provide links to the city, the airport and the surrounding countryside. A night bus service operates throughout the week and taxi ranks are situated outside the station.

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A train from Sheffield to Essex cost £50… So I flew
A train from Sheffield to Essex cost £50… So I flew ...
How to Buy A Ticket on Berlin Public Transport?
How to Buy A Ticket on Berlin Public Transport?
How to get from Amsterdam to Berlin by train |
How to get from Amsterdam to Berlin by train |
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