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July 29, 2020
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Let us take you places. Traveling on Amtrak is as easy as telling us where you want to go and when. With several ways to reserve and buy your tickets, we're ready to help you get your ticket to ride.


Purchase tickets at any time on with a valid American Express, Discover®, MasterCard®, VISA, Universal Air Travel Plan credit card.

For added protection against potential fraud, credit card transactions on will be screened by 'Verified by VISA' and 'Secure Code by MasterCard'. Although we host these sessions on our site, they are private exchanges between the customer and their card issuer. Amtrak does not monitor or capture any information from the screening exchange. Management and maintenance of the security screening program is the responsibility of the card issuer.

Amtrak for Mobile

Download the free Amtrak mobile app for iPhone®, Android™ and Windows Phone® today for simple, intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it. Or visit on any web-enabled mobile device when you're away from your computer and you can still take your Amtrak travel information with you.

Ticket Agent at the Station

You can purchase tickets in person at any staffed Amtrak station. At most staffed stations, we accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards with a credit card logo.

Travel Agent

You can purchase Amtrak tickets through a qualified travel agent.


In most circumstances, you must purchase a ticket before you board a train. On most Amtrak trains, only the full, undiscounted, unrestricted fare will be available for purchase onboard the train. This is regardless of reservations made or fares previously quoted by ticket agents, or elsewhere. Higher fares usually apply when purchasing tickets onboard the train. To secure the best available fare, passengers should purchase tickets prior to boarding the train.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are accepted for the purchase of Amtrak tickets and services at all staffed stations. Debit cards must have a credit card logo and will be processed as credit card transactions; cards that require the entry of a PIN (personal identification number) are not accepted. There is no minimum amount required for credit and debit card purchases.

The following rules govern the acceptance of credit and debit cards at Amtrak ticket counters:

  • We accept the following credit and debit cards at ticketing locations:

    - American Express

How to book your Train ticket online
How to book your Train ticket online
Now, Book Train Ticket Online, Pay on Delivery - TOI
Now, Book Train Ticket Online, Pay on Delivery - TOI
How to book train tickets online
How to book train tickets online
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