Train times for Today

September 19, 2022
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F Indicates that the train stops to discharge passengers on notice to the Conductor and to pick up passengers on platform visible to Engineer.

Shaded area indicates peak hour trains.

Times shown in this schedule are train departure times; customers are asked to arrive at the station platform in time for a prompt departure.

Quincy Center: All inbound and weekend outbound trains may leave Quincy Center ahead of schedule.

JFK/UMass: All inbound trains may leave JFK/UMass ahead of schedule.

North Scituate: All outbound trains may leave North Scituate ahead of schedule.

Weymouth Landing/ East Braintree: Trains 071, 1071, and 2071 may leave Weymouth Landing/ East Braintree ahead of schedule.

East Weymouth: Trains 071, 1071, and 2071 may leave East Weymouth ahead of schedule.

Weekday, where no service is shown at JFK/UMASS, frequent connecting subway service is available to Quincy Center by Red line.

Severe Weather:

  • Please expect a 15 to 25 minute additional trip time on operating trains.
  • Express trains may make additional stops when directed.
  • Extreme weather:
  • In case of “Extreme” weather events, specific schedules may be adopted.
  • Listen to media reports for Commuter Rail Traffic Information prior to your trip

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    Holiday Schedule Information

  • Saturday service: President's Day, and 4th of July
  • Sunday service: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day
  • All other holidays regular service is provided.
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    Today in Arkansas: Trump Train stops in NW Ark.
    Today in Arkansas: Trump Train stops in NW Ark.
    Mumbai train blasts verdict today
    Mumbai train blasts verdict today
    Crossing Gate Barely Makes It Down In Time For Amtrak Train
    Crossing Gate Barely Makes It Down In Time For Amtrak Train
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