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September 12, 2022
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The following common tariffs apply on our routes covered by corresponding transport-association area agreements: Der Sechser, Hochstift-Tarif, Ruhr-Lippe-Tarif, VSN-Tarif and NVV-Tarif. Tickets subject to these tariffs are also valid for buses and trains at the points of departure and destination.

Use of the RB 75 Haller Willem line is subject, within the area of greater Osnabrück (Landkreis Osnabrück), to the VOS-Plus tariff. The transfer tariff applies to journeys on the Haller Willem route that start in the “VOS-Plus” tariff zone (Osnabrück to Dissen/Bad Rothenfelde) and finish in the “Der Sechser” zone (Dissen/Bad Rothefelde to Bielefeld), or vice versa. The Niedersachsen tariff applies to journeys on local public transport from all stations on the Haller Willem line to other destinations in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Bremen and Hamburg.

The NRW tariff applies to journeys starting in North-Rhine Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen) which then leave the areas covered by the common agreements concerned. Tickets subject to this tariff are also valid for buses and trains at the points of departure and destination.

The Niedersachsen tariff applies to journeys within Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) that are not covered by any other common tariff.

Please note that the Germany-wide standard rail-travel tariff “Bahntarif” also applies.


Regardless of whether you are travelling alone, with a bicycle, with all the family or in a group: we have a ticket just for you. You can purchase your ticket directly…

  • From the automatic machines aboard our trains
  • From the automatic machines at all stations in Lower Saxony (RB 75, RB 84, RB 85), or
  • At the usual points of sale

Please do not forget to validate your ticket (depending on type) in the corresponding machine. If you purchase your ticket from an on-board automatic machine, you can validate it near the entrance doors. Tickets bought from an automatic machine on any station in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) can be validated at the same ticket machine. If you have purchased your ticket at a station in Lower Saxony, please not that these tickets do not fit into the ticket stamper on board.

NordWestBahn Customer Service Hotline:

+49(0)1806 600161 (€0.20 per call from German landlines; max. €0.60 per call from German mobiles)

Automatic timetable information: +49(0)8003 504030 (free from German landlines)

Personal timetable information: +49(0)1803 504030 (€0.09 /min. from German landlines; max. €0.42 /min. from German mobiles)

Bookings for bicycles are accepted until 17:00 hrs on the day before travel (except Sundays) via the Customer Service Hotline +49(0)1806 600161 (€0.20 per call from German landlines; max. €0.60 per call from German mobiles)

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Wer sind die Stimmen hinter den S- und U-Bahn-Durchsagen?
Wer sind die Stimmen hinter den S- und U-Bahn-Durchsagen?
U-Bahn fahren in Tokio
U-Bahn fahren in Tokio
Bahn-Miniaturen ganz gross. Modell-Trains Special
Bahn-Miniaturen ganz gross. Modell-Trains Special
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