Deutsche Bahn booking center

September 21, 2022
With Deutsche Bahn also in
  • Booking period: from 3 months to 1 week before departure
  • Delivered to you within 5 business days by post

The Deutsche Bahn Booking Center operated by the German railways, can make reservations for most of Europe’s trains. Here’s how it works: You can call the Deutsche Bahn booking center on: +49 1806 996 633 (open 24/7). When you call, you’ll hear a German menu. Select extension ‘9’ for an English menu, then ‘1’ for train information and bookings.

The reservation service is free and you only pay for the reservation fee per person, per train. The cost to deliver your reservations is 3.50 euros to all countries. You can also pick up your reservations at a larger German train station. Just take your order number to a ticket window or a self-service machine at the station.

Lines can be busy during evenings (CET) and at weekends so you may have to wait a while to get through. Mention that you will travel with a Eurail pass, so that you only pay the reservation fee and not the full fare.

Please note that the DB Booking Center can't book any Thalys and TGV trains.

The following booking centers can also make reservations for most European high-speed trains and night trains:

Phone number: +43 5 1717 (open 24/7)

When calling, you'll hear a menu in German. Select extension "1" for train information and bookings. The booking center can deliver your reservations to any country you prefer, without charging you booking costs. The delivery cost is 5 euros. You can also pick up your reservations at large Austrian train stations. Just take your order number to a ticket office in the station.

This booking center can make reservations for the majority of European high-speed and night trains.

Phone number: +41 900 300 300 (open 24/7)

You will get a direct connection when calling this booking centre. The Swiss SBB booking centre can deliver your reservations to all European countries. Delivery costs are 8 Swiss francs (approx. 6.50 euros). This call centre may charge a booking fee. You can also pick up your reservations at main Swiss train stations. Just go to the ticket office with your order number.

This booking center can make reservations for the majority of European high-speed and night trains.

Phone number: +352 2489 2489 (open Monday-Friday from 7.00 to 19.00, except on national holidays)

When calling you'll hear a menu in German, French and English. Select extension "2" for bookings and train information. Your reservations can be delivered to any European country. If you pick up your reservations at Luxembourg's main train station, the booking cost is 5 euros. If your reservations are delivered to an adress, you'll have to pay a delivery cost of 7 euros. In the last case you don't have to pay the booking fee.

This booking center can make reservations for the majority of European high-speed and night trains.

Many other European countries have booking centers where you can make reservations for national trains. For instance, you can reserve a seat on a Spanish train by phone and pick up your reservation at a Spanish train station. For more information, go to our and select the country you want to travel in.

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Deutsche Bahn ICE 278 - Interlaken, Switzerland - Berlin
Deutsche Bahn ICE 278 - Interlaken, Switzerland - Berlin ...
Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin
Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin
Deutsche Bahn Berlin to Hannover 22 April 2015
Deutsche Bahn Berlin to Hannover 22 April 2015
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