Bahn Rail

September 6, 2022
Deutsche Bahn rail carrier
Most airlines now issue electronic tickets, which means that you have to collect your Rail&Fly ticket from a DB long-distance ticket vending machine or print it at home before you begin your journey. For further information please visit (in German).
Rail&Fly is a service offered by the airlines and tour operators and may therefore be subject to additional conditions/restrictions. Please check with the tour operator or its agent before your flight ticket is issued.
If a group of 9 persons or more is planning to travel together on the same train, please contact the tour operator, who will check whether or not train carriage is possible
Rail&Fly tickets are not valid for journeys inside transport associations, i.e. using only local transport services. Example: if you depart from Essen and wish to use a Rail&Fly ticket to reach Düsseldorf Airport, you are not permitted to use local public transport. Instead, you can use ICE and IC to travel to the airport.
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ÖBB Rail Schnell Bahn mit Ankündigung Wien
ÖBB Rail Schnell Bahn mit Ankündigung Wien
U-Bahn (Underground Rail) in Berlin
U-Bahn (Underground Rail) in Berlin
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