German Rail Pass Extension

September 21, 2022
Photo of Frankfurt

Read all you need to know about using your German Rail pass before you start your trip.

Activating your pass

You must activate your German Rail Pass at a train station before your first train journey. Activation is required within 11 months of the issue date.

Travel days

A travel day lasts 24 hours, from midnight to midnight (from 00:00 to 24:00 hours). On each travel day, you can take as many trains as you wish. You're free to choose the days when you want to travel. Fill in each travel date on your pass before you board the train.

Extra bonuses

Your German Rail Pass entitles you to several extra bonuses. You can get discounts on boat trips, tourist buses and rail routes, and some international trains.

Traveling with a Twin Pass

When two people travel together they can buy a Twin pass, giving a up to 50% discount on the second pass. The names of both travelers will be printed on a single Twin Pass, so you must travel together.

A German Rail Pass is non-transferable
A German Rail Pass is issued on identity and cannot to be used by any other person. Your name, country of residence and passport number should be filled in on the pass.

German Rail Pass flyer

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Lime Train NMBS Belgium Railways at Anrath Germany 12.7.2015
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