Deutsche train

September 6, 2022
Drastic Deutsche Bahn

The renewed strike action will affect long distance trains as well as some local connections. In many places the suburban rail network will come to a standstill. The union of German train drivers will announce an end to the strike action with 48 hours notice.

Deutsche Bahn is offering a contingency timetable, according to which every third train is running. Anyone wanting information can call their free service number 0800 099 66 33 or search for their connection, as long as it is within the next 48 hours, on the - though this page is currently only available in German.

Rail tickets will be reimbursed free of charge

Passengers whose train connection has been cancelled due to the strike action can use more expensive rail services, like ICE trains, free of extra charges. Travellers who are not able to make their trip as planned due to the strike action can claim back the price of their ticket and reservation.

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