Germany to Amsterdam train

August 29, 2022
Bremen to Amsterdam by train

Munich is Germany's second airport and highly rated amongst travellers. Located around 30km north-east of the city it is a major hub for Lufthansa with domestic, European and intercontinental connections. KLM and Lufthansa both fly the Amsterdam-Munich route.

Munich's central train station can be reached by S-Bahn train (S1 or S8) in 40 minutes - an airport-city day ticket costs €12 or less for a group and entitles you to 1 day's unlimited travel on Munich transport (MVV). Alternatively there is the Lufthansa Airport Bus service to the central station which costs €10.50 single and also takes about 40 minutes.

It is possible to travel from Munich to Amsterdam by train, however the journey takes some 7 1/2 to 9 hours. There are various route options with 1 change - either a domestic ICE service Munich-Düsseldorf followed by the international ICE from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam. Alternatively take an ICE train to Hannover and connect onto the international IC train to Amsterdam.

Singles can be booked in advance from €39 (2nd class) and €69 (1st class), although prices are higher if purchasing nearer the departure date.

Every evening there is a non-stop City Night Line (overnight) service between Munich and Amsterdam. Once can book either a seat, couchette or sleeper on this train.

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