Dusseldorf to Berlin by train

August 23, 2022
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Düsseldorf International Airport provides commercial air services for the city of Düsseldorf, Germany, and the surrounding area. The airport handles over twenty million passengers yearly from a location approximately four miles from the city’s central business district. A number of airlines, including Air Berlin and Lufthansa, both of which use the airport as a hub, provide flights from the airport. To reserve a seat on flights leaving the Düsseldorf area, travellers can log onto ebookers and purchase tickets online.

Parking at Düsseldorf International Airport

Long-term parking is readily available at Düsseldorf International Airport. Those travellers looking to park in the terminal can do so for a cost of €23.50 a day. To save on the parking fee, patrons of the airport can choose to park in the long-stay area, with prices starting at €23.50 a day for the first three days and dropping significantly for longer stays. For example, seven days will cost you €70.50, while twenty-two days only costs €105.50.

Transportation to the Airport

Transportation to Düsseldorf International Airport is easy when travellers choose to take a taxi from the downtown area. Taxi service is available through Taxi Düsseldorf by calling 0211-33333 or Rhein Taxi at 0211-212121. The fee for the trip from the downtown area is approximately €20.

Food Options at the Airport

There are a variety of restaurants available in Düsseldorf International Airport. Italian food is available for lunch and dinner at the 4Cani restaurant, while those looking for an early snack or cup of coffee can relax and eat at Amoriba bistro. If you’re in a hurry for your flight from Hannover, there’s take away available at Anadolu in the arrivals section or at the Caffe Ritazza in the check-in hall.

Travel to Berlin Airport

The Berlin Airport or Brandenburg Airport is a new airport that will replace the Tegel and Schonefeld airports. The new airport, when it is opened, will have new railway routes linking the airport with the local and long distance transport network. Travellers will be able to get from the airport to central Berlin in less than 30 minutes. There will also be bus services that connect the airport with the city.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin has become a glamorous city with world class museums and art galleries along with grand opera, gourmet restaurants, ethnic street snacks and guerrilla clubs. Whether it is fashion, design, art or music, Berlin leads the field in Germany. The influx of creative people to Berlin has created a scene that is reminiscent of 1980s' New York. The Reichstag has been the home of Germany's parliament since 1999. The building was designed by Norman Foster and whilst there may be queues for the trip to the glass dome it is worth the wait for the fantastic panoramas that it offers. The Brandenburg Gate is the only surviving city gate and a symbol of the division of the city during the Cold War. Another reminder of the city's past as a divided city is the East Side Gallery, the longest and the most interesting stretch of the Berlin Wall that still remains standing.

To search for deals on flights to Berlin, check out ebookers.com. There are flights from Dusseldorf to Berlin as well as many other worldwide routes. Alternatively, tap in 'Flights Berlin' and take advantage of our mobile app.

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Tommy Emmanuel - Train to Dusseldorf [cover by pabupabu3s]
Tommy Emmanuel - Train to Dusseldorf [cover by pabupabu3s]
Tommy Emmanuel - Train To Dusseldorf - cover by Iker Cedeno
Tommy Emmanuel - Train To Dusseldorf - cover by Iker Cedeno
Sergio Saladino play Train to Dusseldorf by Tommy Emmanuel
Sergio Saladino play Train to Dusseldorf by Tommy Emmanuel
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