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November 11, 2019
To access the Mer de Glace and

There are a number of train types in Switzerland ready to transport you across the country, and to and from other European countries by day and night. Switzerland's national railway company is the SBB (Schweizerische BundesBahn). Use the or SBB timetable to check times for trains in Switzerland.

Regional trains in Switzerland

The main rail network in Switzerland is made up of the following regional and intercity trains:

  • RegioExpress trains link regional destinations with larger Swiss cities.
  • Regio trains connect local towns.
  • InterCity trains link major Swiss cities like Basel and Geneva.
  • InterRegio trains connect Zurich and Geneva with cities across the whole of Switzerland. These trains make more stops than InterCity trains.
  • S-Bahn (suburban trains) is a network of trains that operate within most big cities. Your Interrail pass is valid for the S-bahn.

There's an international regional train connection between Chiasso and Milan (Italy). This connection is a great option if you want to avoid .

On the RegioExpress trains are listed as "RE", and Regio trains as "R". InterCity trains are listed as "IC", and InterRegio trains as "IR". Regional and Intercity trains do not require seat reservations. Reservations are however recommended for Intercity trains during high season (May-September) and public holidays.

International high-speed trains in Switzerland

These high-speed trains operate to and from Switzerland:

  • connects Switzerland to Germany and the Netherlands.
  • connects Zurich with Vienna (Austria).
  • EuroCity connects Zurich, Basel and Geneva to Milan (Italy).
  • connects Zurich, Basel and Geneva to Paris (France).

Domestic high-speed trains in Switzerland

Swiss domestic high-speed trains are called InterCity Neigezug (ICN). ICN trains transport passengers quickly and in comfort from one side of the country to the other.

On the ICE trains are shown as 'ICE', Railjet as "RJ", Eurocity as "EC" and TGV as 'TGV'. Reservations are compulsory for EuroCity and TGV. For ICE, RailJet and domestic ICN trains, reservations are optional but we recommend making reservations during weekends and busy periods.

International night trains

The following night trains connect Switzerland with Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Serbia.

  • :
    Zurich – Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
    Zurich – Berlin (Germany)
    Zurich – Hamburg (Germany)
    Zurich – Prague (Czech Republic)
  • EuroNight:
    Zurich – Graz (Austria)
    Zurich – Vienna (Austria) – Budapest (Hungary)
  • D-train:
    Zurich – Villach (Austria) – Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Zagreb (Croatia) – Belgrade (Serbia)

City Night Line appears as "CNL" on the . EuroNight appears as "EN", InterCité de Nuit as "NT" and D-trains as "D". You are required to book sleeping accommodation in advance.

Scenic train routes in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its beautiful scenic landscapes. The following scenic train routes offer special conditions for Interrail pass holders:

Private railway companies in Switzerland

The Swiss railway network is operated not only by the SBB. There are a lot of private railway companies as well. Some of these companies are included in your Interrail pass while other companies offer discounted travel.

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