Train from Munich to Rome

July 12, 2022

The driving distance between Munich, Germany and Rome, Italy is approximately 930 kilometers. On the fast roads (Autostrade, or toll roads in Italy), you should be able to make the drive between 9 and 10 hours. (Check price of gas in Europe)

Taking the Train from Munich to Rome

Trains from Munich Hautbahnhof to Rome Termini take 9 1/2 to 13 hours, depending on the speed of the train and connections.

You can buy a Germany-Italy or other combination Rail Pass to use on the journey (buy direct or get info). Find out more about how to buy railpasses.

Taking the Night Train from Rome to Munich

The night train from Rome to Munich currently leaves Rome Termini at 7:10 pm and arrives at Munich Haupbahnhof at 6:30 am, leaving you lots of time to enjoy Munich. Cabins or couchetts are available. You'll pay a suppliment for either of these options if you have a rail pass.

Currently, the CityNightLine train takes you from Munich at 9:03 pm and takes you to Rome Termini at 9:05 in the morning.

Considerations for your Munich to Rome or Rome to Munich Trip

As usual, remember that trains get you from city center to city center, and planes to big cities leave you out in the boonies.

The night train always seems like a good option, but considering the cost and the fact you can't see much at night while the train is going through some pretty fantastic scenery on the Rome to Munich run, you might think twice. Cars are not very useful in either city, so the option isn't a good way to get from city center to city center unless you really know what you're doing or have booked hotels with parking and you have a GPS or really good navigator.

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