Frankfurt to Aachen

September 29, 2022
Map – Shortest path between
  1. By train: The train ride from Frankfurt to Aachen takes about two to three hours, depending on the connections, with a changeover at Cologne Main Train Station. It costs between 51 and 74 Euros, depending on if you take a regional train with stops in between or quicker ICE connection with the Deutsche Bahn. Tickets can be acquired in the train office at the airport with either cash or credit card.
  2. By taxi: The cost to take a taxi from Frankfurt to Aachen is about 400 Euros. The drive must be booked two to three days in advance.

From Dusseldorf Airport

  1. By train: Depending on the connections, the train ride from Dusseldorf to Aachen takes about one and a half to two hours with the Deutsche Bahn. Some connections require a changeover at Dusseldorf Main Train Station or Cologne Main Train Station. Costs range from 18-28 Euros. Tickets can be bought in the train office at the airport with either cash or credit card.
  2. By taxi: The cost to take a taxi from Dusseldorf to Aachen ranges between170-190 Euros. The drive must be booked in advance.

From Cologne/Bonn Airport

  1. By train: Depending on the connections, the train ride with Deutsche Bahn from Cologne/Bonn Airport to Aachen takes about one to one and half hours with a changeover at Cologne Main Train Station. Costs range from 15-21 Euros. Tickets can be bought in the train office at the airport with either cash or credit card.
  2. By taxi: The cost to take a taxi from Cologne/Bonn Airport ranges between 110-140 Euros. The drive must be booked in advance.

From Maastricht Airport

  1. By bus: The shuttle transfer from Maastricht Airport to the Maastricht bus terminal takes about 20 minutes and costs about four euros. The shuttle bus stops across from the passenger terminal and waits in the event that a flight is delayed. You can take bus line 50 from the Maastricht bus terminal to Aachen. You can switch to a local bus, which will bring you to your accomodations. The bus ride costs about two euros.
  2. By taxi: The cost to take a taxi from Maastricht to Aachen is about 70 Euros. The drive must be booked in advance.

Last Minute Accomodations

In the event that you are an immediate need of accomodations after your arrival in Aachen, there are number of hotels here in diverse price ranges. Additionally there are hostels in the region and RWTH Aachen's guesthouses, which only have a small number of accomodation possibilities.

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[LIVE] Aachen - Frankfurt Elfmeterschießen DFB Pokal + feier
[LIVE] Aachen - Frankfurt Elfmeterschießen DFB Pokal + feier
Aachen - Frankfurt Randale + Platzsturm Volle Länge Teil 1
Aachen - Frankfurt Randale + Platzsturm Volle Länge Teil 1
Tor nach Eckball Libe Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Alemannia Aachen
Tor nach Eckball Libe Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Alemannia Aachen
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