Munich to Zurich train

September 29, 2022
Transportation to

DB IC busBuses :: All connections :: Munich ⇔ Zurich

Services in the bus

  • Hot drinks for free, cold drinks for sale
  • Air condition and toilet in the bus
  • Leather seats with seatbelt
  • Electric socket (230 V)
  • Wi-Fi is available, but only on the Czech territory
  • Stewardess will help you

Pictures of the buses

You will recognize the bus by it`s bright yellow colour.

  • Comfortable seat spacing (standard of the 2nd class on IC trains)
  • Seat reservation
  • Electric sockets on each double seat
  • Air-conditioning and on-board toilet
  • Wi-Fi (May not be available all the time)
  • Light snacks and beverages are available on board
  • Price vary according to occupancy and advance purchase
  • Children under 15 accompanied by parents can travel for free
  • BahnCard is accepted
  • Booking opens 3 months in advance

Schedule Zurich - Munich

The Deutsche Bahn IC buses are usually white with a red stripe and DB logo.

  • Free of charge: 2 pieces of hand luggage (not exceeding 70 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm)
  • Transport of bicycles and oversized luggage is not allowed.
  • Folded strollers are transported if sufficient storage space is available.
  • Animals are not transported.
  • Changes and cancellations are possible 24 hours before the departure at latest
  • Change/cancellation fee is 17.5 EUR
  • On the Swiss territory for children under 4 years an appropriate child car seats / infant carriers are required. They are not provided by the bus carrier.

DB IC bus DB IC bus Setra DB IC bus Mercedes Tourismo DB IC bus Irizar

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Zurich to Lucerne by Train
Zurich to Lucerne by Train
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