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February 3, 2021
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Scenic Train: Bergen lineThanks to a vast high-speed rail network, taking the train Europe is getting easier. Yet much of the joy of train travel comes from watching the world go by from your window seat, so sometimes the low-speed train holds more allure. As popular as they are, scenic train trips are often part of complex itineraries, bundled up and sold as part of a package or escorted tour.

As trains become easier to book, more people are choosing to embrace the slow travel ethos and go solo. With that in mind, we've compiled ten of the best scenic trains that are easy to book yourself, on their own or as part of your own mini rail adventure. So without further ado, here's our selection of Europe's finest scenic train trips for independent travellers, without an escorted tour in sight.

1. The Bergen Line: Oslo - Bergen, Norway

Passing fjords, glaciers and snow-capped peaks, the infamous Bergen Line is one of Norway's most impressive train journeys. Travelling from Oslo to Bergen over 7 hours, you'll travel through some of Scandinavia's most imposing landscapes and Europe's largest mountain plateau, Hardangervidda (pictured).

Not only are the views impressive, the railway itself is pretty extraordinary. A workforce of more than 15, 000 men laid track high into the peaks and dug 182 tunnels out of mountain rock by hand. Unsurprisingly then, building work which started in 1875, took 34 years to complete!

2. The Bernina Express: Chur, Switzerland - Tirano, Italy

Travelling at around 20mph, the slowest scenic train in our selection, the Bernina "Express" hardly deserves its title. But as it winds its way through the southern Alps, over bridges, gorges and precarious mountain passes, you wouldn’t want it to go any faster. Navigating close to 200 bridges and boring through mountains via 55 ­tunnels, this is a feat of engineering so impressive it has earned itself Unesco World Heritage status. The glass-roofed train has been designed to offer the best panoramic views; as the train climbs over the Albula pass to St Moritz, you won't be disappointed by the views.

Scenic train Bernina ExpressIt's not currently possible to buy tickets for the Bernina Express on Loco2, but you can travel as far as Chur where the Bernina Express departs. Route map, timetables and tickets available from Rhaetian Railways

Search for trains to Chur | Bernina Express available via Rhaetian Railways | Journey time: Approx. 4 hours

3. The West Highland Line: Fort William - Mallaig, Scotland

The West Highland Line between Glasgow and Mallaig is considered Britain's most scenic train journey. And in fact it's so popular that it was voted 'top rail journey in the world' by Wanderlust readers in 2009, pipping the iconic Trans-Siberian and the Cuzco to Machu Picchu railways to the post.

Over the course of 164 miles, the 'Road to the Isles' speeds through dramatic landscapes, hugging the banks of Loch ­Lomond as you depart Glasgow, before speeding onward passed ruined castles, mountain peaks and waterfalls toward the west coast. Britain's highest peak, Ben Nevis, makes an appearance as you near Fort William. And as you approach your journey's end you cross the spectacular Glenfinnan Viaduct en route to Hogwarts Mallaig.

Scenic train trips: Glenfinnan Viaduct

4. Madrid - Oviedo, Spain

An unexpected scenic journey in Spain, the train between Madrid and Oviedo gives a glimpse of classic Spanish countryside on its way from the capital to the north coast. As it approaches the Asturias region, and its principal city Oviedo, the train climbs into the clouds atop the Picos de Europa mountains. The train remains the best way to explore this part of Spain - in Oviedo it's possible to take a 'Feve' narrow-gauge railway along the north coast between País Basco (Basque country) and Galicia, calling at Santander on the way.

Search for trains: Madrid to Oviedo | FEVE trains available via Renfe | Journey time: Approx. 5 hours

5. Golden Pass Railway: Lucerne - Interlaken, Switzerland

The Golden Pass railway refers to the stretch of line between Montreax and Lucerne in the Swiss Alps. Though technically feasible in a day, the entire Montreax - Lucerne route isn't one to "do" and tick off the bucket list - journeys through this part of Switzerland should be savoured, and as an independent traveller there are countless opportunities to explore without pressure from a tour guide.

Scenic train picos de EuropaThe region is home to an array of scenic trains, including glass-topped panoramic trains and funicular railways, so it's little wonder that the Oberland attracts such wide praise from train travellers. Between Lucerne and Interlaken the landscape is exceptionally beautiful, passing the emerald green waters of Lake Lungern and lakeside hamlets near the Brunig Pass (pictured).

6. Zurich, Switzerland - Lake Como, Italy

The joy of some scenic train trips is the transition from one place to another, watching the landscape unfold before you as you cross borders on rails. Starting out in Zurich's cosmopolitan centre, this train quickly ascends into the Alps, passing green lakes, snowy peaks and quaint Swiss villages. Just a few hours later you're descending on the other side into Italy, and to the shores of Lake Como.

Though in the shadow of imposing Swiss mountains, Como has a distinctly Latin feel. The Zurich - Como route is on board an everyday train, with no panoramic windows or fancy title to its name. Yet, as you catch a glimpse of the cupola of Como Cathedral or lake-side villas lined with cyprus trees you'll know you're arrived in Italy, making this a trip to remember.

7. Messina - Catania, Sicily

A scenic train trip doesn't have to be long to be beautiful. Taking the train from Messina to Catania in Sicily takes just 1 hour 30 mins, but the views of the coast and Ionian sea are spectacular. If you're coming overnight from Rome you'll awake at daybreak to the train being loaded onto a ferry. And from the moment you're on Sicilian shores until your arrival in Catania your eyes will be glued to the windows watching the rocky Mediterranean coastline and bobbing fishing boats pass by.

8. Train des Pignes: Nice - Digne les Bains, France

The narrow gauge railway from Nice to Digne les Bains, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region, is a relative unknown in the world of scenic trains. As a private railway, it often remains undiscovered unless you're on a tour. The train makes its 90 mile journey over 3 hours, crossing rivers and passing through picturesque towns such as St Andre les Alpes and Entreveux (pictured) en route. Though a private railway, it's open for exploration by independent travellers, departing Nice CFP station four times per day. Timetable and fares information is available via the Chemin de Fer de Provence website (if you're using Google translate beware that Digne les Bains translates to 'Worth the bathroom'!)

Scenic train Brunig Pass Scenic train Lake Como Scenic train Sicily Scenic train trip: Nice to Digne

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