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October 17, 2016
Its online booking
  • There is a difference in the fares shown on the search results and booking pages. Why is that?
    All railway fares are based on the distance between stations. On the search results page we show the fare between the two most popular stations of two cities. When you have clicked the book button and selected your boarding and destination stations, the fare is adjusted accordingly.
  • Can I avail senior citizen discount on online tickets booked through
    The Indian Railways offers a 50% discount on Base Fare to women over 58 years of age and a 40% discount on Base Fare to men over 60 years of age. To avail this discount, just select the Senior Men or Women option in the booking engine and remember to carry your age proof along with the e-ticket.
  • I selected the Senior Men option, but I am unable to see the discount on the booking page. Why is that?
    Our train search results automatically updates fares in case of senior citizen discounts. If you can't see that, it is possible that you have chosen a tatkal or Garib Rath train. Senior Citizen discount is not applicable on this quota or train.
  • Other than the senior citizen's discount, if there any other discount available on online bookings?
    Sorry, currently we only support senior citizen's discount on our site.
  • What are the various components of the fare displayed on
    The fare of online tickets booked on includes:
    - Base Fare
    - Railway Reservation Charges
    - Superfast Charges (if applicable)
    - Other charges, as specified by Indian Railways
    - Concession/Discounts (if applicable)
    - Tatkal Charges (if applicable)
    - IRCTC Service Charges
    - Yatra Service Charges
    - Transaction Fee
  • Why does Yatra charge a transaction fee?
    The Transaction Fee is what the banks or credit card companies charge for each online transaction. It is a percentage of the total amount and is charged as a processing fee by concerned bank/credit card company.
  • How much is this transaction fee then?
    It is 1.8% of the total amount inclusive of all applicable taxes and fees.
  • Can you tell me more about the various components of the fare?
    Broadly, the fare components of a ticket can be explained as:
    - Base fare: This is the basic fare of any train ticket. Children and senior women are charged 50% of the adult base fare. Senior men are charged 60% of the base fare.
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