Train connections

August 26, 2022
The train connections of


Airport Connections

Capitol Corridor connects to the Oakland International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Sacramento International Airport and San Jose International Airport via local transit. See Airport Connections »

BART Connections

Connect to BART, the San Francisco Bay Area's transit system, at Richmond and Oakland Coliseum. See BART Connections »

Transit Transfers

Capitol Corridor's transfer program allows you to connect to local bus and light rail systems in most of the communities we serve. It's free! See Transit Transfers »

Joint Ticketing

To offer our Placer County passengers more flexibility, Capitol Corridor has established reciprocal ticketing programs with two local transit agencies. That means your ticket to ride just got better! See Joint Ticketing »

Hertz Rental Car Services

Seamless Journey From The Rails To The Road. Hertz car rental services are available at San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento and Emeryville stations. See »

Motorcoach Buses

Together with Amtrak, Capitol Corridor operates several dedicated motorcoach bus routes that connect you from the train to areas throughout California and even to Nevada and Oregon. Visit our bus connections page »

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Train Connection - Priest | trailer #2 US (2011)
Train Connection - Priest | trailer #2 US (2011)
Soul Train At Midnight T Connection
Soul Train At Midnight T Connection
Essex Steam Train & Riverboat Connection
Essex Steam Train & Riverboat Connection
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