Deutsche Bahn in English

March 1, 2022
Berlin to Bonn, DB passengers

The company’s railway activities in Germany – with about seven million passengers and 1, 138, 000 tons of freight transported every day – is its core business. Moreover, every day DB transports more than two million customers by bus. And every day DB AG operates over 26, 000 train trips on its modern 33, 000 kilometer long track network, which is also open to the competition. The main focal points of DB strategy, in addition to increasing its international activities, are linking together all modes of transport and building overlapping and comprehensive intermodal travel and logistics chains. This is how the company is meeting the changing challenges posed by the market, which is demanding increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly services from a single source. Deutsche Bahn AG is already providing answers to the determining trends of globalization, climate change, scarcity of resources, as well as deregulation.

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Spielzug - das Fanmagazin der Deutschen Bahn - Spieltag 10
Spielzug - das Fanmagazin der Deutschen Bahn - Spieltag 10
Senk ju vor träwelling with Deutsche Bahn to Brackwede
Senk ju vor träwelling with Deutsche Bahn to Brackwede
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