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October 15, 2014
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Landmarks Name
Hotels Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Fair Hotel Frankfurt - Nassauer Hof, Hotel Ladage, B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Nord
Hospitals Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst
Airports Frankfurt Airport
Shopping Centers Zeil, Main - Taunus - Cente, Primark Germany GmbH
Theaters Alte Oper
Museums Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Senckenberg Natural History Museum, EXPERIMENTA - Science Center Frankfurt, German Architecture Museum, Historical Museum Frankfurt, Museum Giersch
Parks Palmengarten, Grüneburgpark, Park Louisa, Höchster Stadtpark
Universities / Colleges Otto-Hahn-Schule
Points of Interest Römer, Goethe House, Transparent Porcelain Manufactory, Frankfurt Zoo, Commerzbank - Arena, Frankfurt Saalbauten

Frankfurt is the largest financial center in Germany, being home to the European Central Bank and the German Stock Exchange.

It is the largest city in the federal state of Hesse, and the 5th largest city in all of Germany. It is also the most international city in the nation, with the highest percentage of foreigners of 1 out of 3 people living in the city not having German passports. Frankfurt is known for its futuristic skyline, the busiest airport in Germany, and for having an open and hospitable atmosphere.

Frankfurt is found in the German federal state of Hesse, which is in the southwest portion of the country. The city itself is situated on the Main River's both sides. With 5.6 million residents, it is the main area of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan region, which is densely populated. The city comprises 46 city districts with 118 city boroughs.

How to Reach (Transport)
Frankfurt's location in the middle of Germany and Europe has played a significant role in its status as an important traffic hub. The city is Germany's transportation center.

By Plane - The Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport in the country, the 3rd in the whole of Europe, and the 9th in the entire world. It has the capacity to handle over 350, 000 passengers everyday, or over 50 million people a year. All major international airlines fly frequently to and from Frankfurt, with destinations to all the continents in the world and to every major city.

By Train - There are 3 major railway stations in Frankfurt: the South Station, the Airport Station, and the Main Station, otherwise known as Hauptbahnhof. The latter is among the biggest and busiest in Europe, with over 300 daily trains to domestic and international destinations around Europe.

By Bus - Several trans-European buslines operate to and from the city. Within the city, night buses operate from 1:30am to 3:30am, taking over the services of the S-Brahn and U-Brahn.

By Tram - The U-Brahn is the best way to get around the city. It has 9 lines that operate within the city, and for suburb areas, the S-Brahn also has 9 lines.

By Taxi - Taxis are abundant in the city but can be quite expensive. They are also notorious for driving very fast as this is what German businessmen expect them to do. They can also take advantage of passengers who are not familiar with destinations, as they often take detours if they notice a passenger doesn't know the place.

By Bike - The city is bike-friendly, with its large expansive network of bike lanes and plenty of bike rentals found around the city center.

When to Visit
The best time to visit Frankfurt is from late spring to early autumn when the weather is at its pleasant and most conducive for sightseeing and getting around. Summers are sunny and warm while winters are cold and rainy.

Culture (Fairs and Festivals) and Traditions
Frankfurt Auto Show - Held every 2 years in mid-September, the city hosts the largest motor show in the world. The city's biggest event, it attracts over 1 million tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Frankfurt Book Fair - Held every year in mid-October, this is the largest book event in the world of publishing. An international event with a long history that began in 1485, it lasts 2 days, and attracts over a million visitors. It is a weekend affair where books are sold on Sunday only. The event has recently attracted the young generation of manga/anime fans who hold Cosplay events in the duration of the fair.

Ambiente Frankfurt - Another world-famous international fair in the city, it is the biggest consumer goods fair in the world. Held over 5 days, it is the largest gathering of home furnishing goods in the world.

Points of Interest (Places to Visit)
Romerberg - This is the old center of Frankfurt, with several buildings and architecture from the 14th and 15th centuries still standing. Among these are the Romer, which is the town hall, and the Alte Nikolaikirche, which is a 12th century church. Several restos, cafes, and small shops are found in the area.

Alte Oper - Known as "Old Opera, " it was built in 1880 and was once among the major opera houses in the country before WWII. It was reconstructed and renovated in 1981 and today, is a popular concert hall and tourist attraction.

Zeil - This is the city's central shopping district, dubbed among the most crowded streets in Germany. A pedestrian-only area, it hosts the Christmas Market one month before Christmas, which is the oldest and largest in the entire country.

Frankfurt has a lot of places to stay but when the world-famous fairs occur, getting accommodation is very difficult. You must book in advance but also expect prices to skyrocket during these times. Alternative options would be to get a place to stay in nearby cities such as Mainz or Darmstadt, which are only 1 hour away.


Important Places In Frankfurt :

  • Alle Main Brucke
  • Baseler Platz
  • Battonnstr.
  • Berliner Str.
  • Bethmannstr.
  • Elserner Steg
  • Feuerbachstr.
  • Gartnerweg
  • Goethe Platz
  • Gr. Gallusstr.
  • Guaterplatz
  • Gultzkow Str.
  • Hobein Steg
  • Holzgraben
  • K.-Schuhmacher Str.
  • Kaiserstr.
  • Kleinmarkth
  • Konstablerwache
  • Lindenstr.
  • Mainzer
  • Mondelssohn Str.
  • Mozart Platz
  • Munchenerstr.
  • Museumsufer
  • Neue Mainzer
  • Nidda Str.
  • Nidde Str.
  • Niedenau
  • Oper Platz
  • Oppenheimer Str.
  • Peters Alte Gasse Str.
  • Reineck Str.
  • Rothschild Park
  • Rudolfstr
  • Sachsenhauserstr.
  • StadelStr.
  • staufen Str.
  • Taunsantage Gallusanlage
  • Taunusanlage
  • Taunusstr.
  • Ulmenstr.
  • Unterlindau
  • Untermain Brucke
  • Walter-Kolb-Str.
  • Westend
  • Willy Brandt Platz

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